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Hi Marketing Friends! :) 

Adam Nolan her
e, editor-in-chief at the Marketing Hacks Newsletter. And in this free report I’m going to share with you complete step-by-step instructions to increase your online sales by 250% today. No gimmicks. No catches.

This has been
 tested across tens of thousands of visitors. It's been used in dozens of markets. It’s worked consistently for over a decade! It has proven itself time and time again. Best of all… it just takes just 5 minutes to do and you’ll instantly see a 250% increase in your sales today. And I can almost guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this! :) So let’s dive in!

The Most Valuable Asset In Your Business...

...Is your e-mail list. The larger your reach, the more sales you'll make. And once someone is subscribed to your list, you can continue to communicate with them indefinitely. Which means the more people you add to your e-mail list, the more money you make.

Now, typically when most online business owners create an opt-in page it looks something like this:

You’ve got your headline, sub-headline, bullet points, maybe an image or two and a call to action to tell people to enter their name and e-mail address. And sure, it works. 

You’ll get 20-25% of the people that land on your page to opt-in. Which isn’t bad. But imagine if you could double that.

Imagine if you could… 

Get 2X As Many Sales Without ANY Extra Work!

That’s what I’ll share with you below.

Let’s step back for a minute though. Let’s look at the big picture. Before someone lands on your opt-in page where did they come from? And why did they go to your page in the first place?

When most people land on these pages they’re either coming from an ad, a blog post, a recommendation in a Facebook group or some other traffic source. But the bottom line is, in order for them to click through to your opt-in page, something has to have intrigued them. Otherwise, why click?

Maybe it was the promise of a PDF? It could have been a webinar? Maybe it was a free physical item? But regardless of where these people came from, they’ve all come to your page because they wanted something you were giving away.

Now, let’s think about that for a second. Let’s look at the series of events that caused this person to click through to your page.

They saw an ad, read an article, received an invitation or some other form of marketing that convinced them to click through and visit your opt-in page. And once they’ve clicked that link, what happens?

They land on a page that looks a lot like the one I shared earlier. It’s got a big headline right up at the top, plenty of bullet points, flashy copy and really pushes hard to get them to opt-in. But here’s the thing…

They Already Want What You’re Giving Away!!!

They’re already interested!

If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have visited your page in the first place!

In fact, there is NO OTHER TIME THEY ARE MORE INTERESTED than when they click through for the first time!

Why? Because they’ve already committed themselves to getting the thing you’re giving away.

The thing they *ALREADY WANTED* just from seeing your marketing material!

So what happens when they land on your traditional opt-in page with all the hard selling and flashy graphics? They read the same copy AGAIN! And at this point, since they already want what you’re giving away, anything you put on that page that isn’t “Enter Your Name And Email Here” actually DECREASES your opt-in rate. NOT INCREASES it!

Just like the salesman that sells TOO HARD and loses the sale, my theory was since they were already sold on my freebie, selling them AGAIN on the landing page was hurting my numbers.

So, I decided to test it.

I decided to put my money where my mouth was. :) Because, as marketers we should never just go with our instincts. We’ve always got to rely on the data.

So what did I do?

I Gutted My Most Successful Opt-In Page

I started stripping it down piece by piece. Throwing away all the stuff  the "experts" tell us we need in order for our opt-in pages to work! I removed the sub-headline. The conversion rate went up. I removed the testimonials.

The conversion rate went up. I removed the images. The conversion rate went up. I removed the bullet points. The conversion rate went up. And I kept removing elements until all I was left with was this...

I Did The EXACT Opposite Of What Every Expert Tells You To Do!

I gutted it all.

I ended up with the most basic, ugly, plain page you’ve ever seen. All it had was a headline, an opt-in form and a submit button. Nothing else.

And guess what?

It worked like crazy. I saw my conversion rate climb from 20.7% to 32.4% to 41.4% to 50.37% within less than a week! I was floored! But it made complete sense! As my old sales mentor taught me - once you’ve made the sale, SHUT UP! And by following my “gut” – and then testing it, I had discovered …

A 250% Sales Increase With Just Minutes Of Work!

I … WE have been over-selling, my friends!

And by taking a standard opt-in page and turning it into the most plain, boring, ugly page in the world I skyrocketed my sales by over 250% without having to change anything else. That one single change more than doubled my sales! And it took just MINUTES to do!


And that little “trick” is just ONE example of the Marketing Hacks we send out EVERY MONTH in the Marketing Hacks Newsletter.

What Is The Marketing Hacks Newsletter?

The Marketing Hacks Newsletter is the most succinct, high-impact, profit driving report in the online marketing industry. 

A must-have for every online business owner, each report contains a proven, high-impact Marketing Hack, tested time and time again and GUARANTEED to drive sales. 

Each issue follows the same format. And where necessary, diagrams and reference videos will be included and you’ll be able to download everything for future use!

But if that wasn’t enough, each issue includes real life examples, key points to focus on and even tells you exactly what steps you need to take to start seeing results immediately. No fluff. And while that means some issues may be longer, and others a bit shorter - it guarantees your time will never be wasted. All neatly packaged in a format you can read on any device, or print as your own personal reference manual!

What this guarantees is not only will you understand how to use these Marketing Hack in your business, but you’ll have the know-how to apply them to any business scenario! And no matter what type of business you run, these Marketing Hacks will fundamentally change the way you work!

As a subscriber, every month you’ll receive the latest issue of the Marketing Hacks Newsletter delivered straight to your inbox and downloadable from your private members area.

This reference quality, easily printable report is designed to be saved on a bookshelf or kept dog-eared beside you as you work. After all, just like any good reference guide, you’ll be using these Marketing Hacks time and time again!

Here Are A Few Of The Stunning Marketing Hacks You’ll Receive In The Coming Months…

  • Revealed: The Secret Traffic Source That Sends 1,000 Visitors To Your Offer For $1 In Any Niche – no matter how controversial!
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And that’s just scratching the surface! You’ll receive your first wallet fattening, profit driving issue today and then a new one at the beginning of every month. All guaranteed to dramatically increase your sales and reduce your work. 

Which is why many of the world’s best online marketers are praising Marketing Hacks as the most valuable resource for online business owners. Here is what some of them have to say… 

What Some Of The World’s Best Marketers Are Saying About Marketing Hacks...

"Massively Increased My Profits, And Made My Entire Business Easier To Run"

“Marketing Hacks ROCKS. Just one small “tweak” to my sales funnel massively increased my profits, and made my entire business easier to run. Every issue, I find something I can IMMEDIATELY put to use. Highly, highly recommended.”

Russ Ruffino  //  Clients On Demand

"One Of The Best People On The Planet To Get Internet Marketing Advice From"

“Adam is someone I love sharing my tips and tricks with, because A. He actually tries them. B. He tracks the results and tells me exactly how well they work. And C. He shares them freely with other people (and gives me credit!) I know Adam does this with everyone of his colleagues, which probably makes him one of the best people on the planet to get internet marketing advice from.”

Colin Theriot  //  The Cult Of Copy

"A brilliant direct marketer that can go toe to toe with the best including the likes of Dan Kennedy.”

“Adam Nolan is one of the most knowledgeable Marketers I've ever worked with. He is a marketing genius. He is a brilliant direct marketer that can go toe to toe with the best including the likes of Dan Kennedy.”

Kester Taylor  //  Online Business Owner

“An Amazing Talent For Taking Complex Topics And Breaking Them Down Into Easily Digestible Chunks.”

“Adam has an amazing talent for taking complex topics and breaking them down into easily digestible chunks. He ALWAYS over-delivers and you can rest assured that whatever aspect of your business you're trusting him with will be in some of the most capable hands you'll ever find. I'm proud to recommend him as a trusted advisor.”

Ricky "RikRok" Ducent  //  Singer - It Wasn't Me feat. Shaggy.

"The Most Valuable Marketing Advice Online"

With cutting edge, tested-forever, psychology based Marketing Hacks like these, you’d expect to pay a pretty penny for info like this. Similar memberships have sold for $50-$100 monthly. And considering each and every Marketing Hack can easily make you thousands of dollars, it would be well worth it! 

But I want this to be as accessible to as many people as possible. So I certainly won’t be charging $100 for it. In fact, I won’t even charge $50 for it. Nope! Not even $40! In fact, the only thing you’ll pay today is just…

$1 Dollar

That’s right. I want to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt this will be the best investment you ever make in your business. I want your membership to pay for itself many, many times over before the money even leaves your pocket! So you’ll only pay $1 today. 

Get access to every back-issue today! Check out everything! Then, if you like what you’re seeing, stay subscribed and pay only $19.95 per month. And you’ll continue to receive new, cutting edge, profit driving Marketing Hacks month after month! But that’s not all! Join today and for a limited time you'll be added to our "Marketing Hacks Mastermind" 100% FREE

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Join today and as part of our Charter Member Special you’ll also receive FREE access to the Marketing Hacks Mastermind. A $79.95 / month value - 100% FREE! Get your questions answered live. Brainstorm with fellow members. Network and create new partnerships! Get the most out of your subscription with this exclusive community of business owners!

Just that alone is worth the cost of admission. But as I’m sure you can imagine, I can’t offer that to everyone. So be one of the first 100 to sign up today and lock in your Charter Member Special.

100% Money Back Guarantee!

If for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied you can cancel anytime and your latest issue will be fully refunded immediately! No problems at all. And if you ever get a Marketing Hack that isn’t relevant to you, doesn’t work for your business or just isn’t something you see as being worthwhile - we’ll pull out the “Mulligan Policy”. 

And just like in golf, you’ll get a do-over. We’ll happily refund your money for that issue. You keep the issue and stay subscribed! That way you’re absolutely guaranteed to only pay for stuff that is actually useful to you. No wasted money! No wasted time!

How To Become A Member

Ok, you’re ready to go! Awesome! So here’s what to do next. Click the “Join Now” button below. You’ll be redirected to our checkout page where you can sign up for just $1. You’ll receive the most current issue and all the back issues right away, and then a new issue every month.  And if you ever have a question, or there is anything I can do to help - just reply to any of the emails and you’ll get me directly! I answer every email myself!

You’ve seen the results. You’ve seen the proof! Don’t wait for a miracle to happen. Your sales won’t improve tomorrow if you don’t take action today! These Marketing Hacks are all tested, proven and guaranteed to work. Take control of your online business today make 2022 your best year yet! Start getting the sales you KNOW your business is capable of. Become a member today for just $1.

I hope you enjoyed this short report! If you have any questions, just send me a message through the contact page. I’m often able to respond right away. And if not, I’ll get back to you ASAP. I’m happy to help. ;)

Ok, that’s it for me today!

Have a great day and chat soon!

- Adam Nolan
Editor-In-Chief, Marketing Hacks Newsletter

P.S. If you continue to do the things you’ve done you’ll continue to get the results you’ve gotten. Tomorrow won’t change if you don’t take action today! Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose with the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. These Marketing Hacks have been tested across thousands of visitors, in multiple markets for over a decade. This is your fast track to success. Don’t wait. Let’s work together and get those sales pouring in!

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